It's important to provide text descriptions for your visual content to improve your site search-ability and accessibility. Exhibit provides several ways to add searchable content for your photos, video, and collections.

1. Go to Settings and select SEO

2. Complete your Site Title and Description

Visitors will see your site title at the top of the browser window, whereas the title and description are used in the search results pages of search engines like Google.

Your Site Title and Description also display when someone shares your site URL on social media.

3. Go to a Collection and select Details

4. Complete the Collection SEO abstract

This is a description of your Collection and is only visible in the search results pages of search engines like Google.

5. Complete Alt Text for each image

Alt Text is used by search engines to properly index your images. It's also used to describe an image for visually impaired users using screen readers. It does not typically display on your site, but may show up if an image is unable to load.

Pro Tip: Once you've completed Collection SEO abstracts and Alt Text, you can return to Settings, select SEO, and scroll to the bottom to get a high-level view of the percentage of your site content that is searchable.

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