In addition to browsing your photography, your site visitors will want to know more about who you are. To accomplish this, you can add an About page to your Exhibit site.

Step 1. Go to Pages

Step 2. Toggle on About Page

Step 3. Change the Title (optional)

If you want to call the About page something other than About, you can change the Title.

Step 4. Upload a photo of yourself (optional)

Step 5. Add Content

This is a required field, and your About page will not display unless you add content here. Some possible topics include:

  • The type of work you do

  • The type of projects you are looking for

  • Where you live

  • A short history or biography

  • A list of clients

Pro tip: You can add basic styling to the page using Markdown format.

What's next?

After you enable the page and fill in more details about yourself, you can check the Preview to see how things look. Once you're happy with everything, Publish your site and the About page will be available for your site visitors.

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