You may want to review the process for adding a custom domain within Exhibit first. But if you want specific steps to update DNS, look for your domain registrar from the list below.

First, there are two types of DNS records that need to be updated to point your custom domain to Exhibit:

  • A Record
    Also called an Address or Host Record, every domain has an A record that associates the domain to the server's IP address. This allows people to remember domain names (rather than hard-to-remember IP addresses) to connect to a website.

  • CNAME Record
    Also called a CNAME Alias or Host Alias, CNAME stands for Canonical Name Record. A CNAME record allows you to point one of your subdomains to a different server. For Exhibit, we need to add a CNAME record so that if a user types www before your bare domain into the browser, it will also point to your Exhibit site.

Domain Registrars

We do our best to keep these links up to date. But registrars may change their help documentation at any time. If a link doesn't take you to the right place, please let us know.

1&1 Ionos


  • Help FAQ

  • "From your Domain Control Panel, select the domain name you wish to modify the DNS records for and select Manage Advanced Domain Record Settings (CNAME, A, MX). From here, you can fully modify the DNS records for your domain name."



  1. Login to your Dotster account

  2. From the Control Panel, click on DomainCentral

  3. Within the My Domains section, click on the domain name you wish to manage

  4. In the expanded section, click on DNS

  5. Within the Modify select list, select A Record

  6. Look for the A record that is your and select Edit from the select list in the Action column

  7. In the field in the Points To column, enter ""

  8. Click the Save button

  9. Go back to the Modify select list and select CNAME Alias

  10. In the Host field, enter "www"

  11. In the Points To field, enter ""

  12. Click the Add button



Google Domains



Network Solutions

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