In Exhibit, photos, videos and text are organized into Collections.

Creating a new collection

From the main Collections screen, click or tap on the Add button.

You'll need to give a Collection a title (you can always change it later) and then pick a type.

There are 3 types of Collections:

  1. Photos & videos. This is the most common type of Collection, since it holds your uploaded photos and embedded videos.

  2. Index. An index Collection essentially holds other Collections. An example of this might be to create an Index collection called Work. You can then create separate Collections within the index Collection for each client or project you want to include.

  3. Cover. If you haven't added a Cover to your site already, you can select a Cover collection to feature fullscreen photos or video on your homepage and create an immersive first impression. Learn more about Adding a Cover to your site

It may be easiest to create a few photo Collections first and then move them into an Index Collection later. As you'll see, it is easy to move photos between Collections, and Collections into Index Collections when you are ready.

Pro tip: Your website navigation is automatically inferred from your Collections. There is no need to create pages and links to pages, since Exhibit will do all of this for you. But you will want to consider the name of your Collections since that is how site visitors will navigate your site.

Adding Photos

Once you've created a Collection of photos and videos, you see the Collection as an empty placeholder thumbnail. Click or tap on the thumbnail to go into the Collection.

Now we're ready to add photos. You can drag photos onto the window to add them to the Collection.

Even after you have photos in a Collection, you can drag more onto the window to add again.

Pro tip: Exhibit will generate the right photo size for the site visitor's screen. We recommend uploading JPG images that are about 3000 pixels wide for landscape and 2000 pixels tall for portrait.

Adding Videos and Text

At any point, you can also click or tap on the Add button to see the options for selecting photos, adding text, or embedding video.

The Select button will allow you to browse your computer for photos but it can also be helpful if you are on a touch-enabled device. Since dragging files isn’t possible from most tablets and phones, instead you can select from cloud-enabled drives such as Dropbox or your Photo Library.

Reordering, Deleting, and Moving

For either Collections or photos, reordering, deleting, and moving is the same process. You can click and hold any thumbnail to grab it and then move it around to reorder.

You can delete a photo or Collection by hovering over the thumbnail and clicking or tapping the small Trash Can icon. You can also select multiple photos or Collections by checking within the box of one or more thumbnails. This will bring down the action bar where you can click or tap on the large Trash Can icon.

With one or more photos or Collections selected, you can also click or tap on the Move icon within the action bar. Select the Collection you want to move the photos or Collections into and then click or tap the Move button.

Pro tip: With one or more photos or Collections selected, you can toggle Select All or Deselect All. You can also hold the Shift key down when checking the box of another thumbnail and it will select all of the photos or Collections in between.

What's next?

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