The navigation in Exhibit is primarily determined by the Collections you create. But you can also automatically add links to your social sites or an external site.

Step 1. Go to Pages

Here you can add a link to anything you want. The label will be displayed within your navigation, and of course the URL will be the link that it goes to.

After you've entered the URL, hit return and we'll add another set of empty fields. Leave the fields empty if you don't want to add another external link and we'll ignore them.

Pro tip: External links are automatically added to your navigation. They will be listed after your collections and before any About or Contact links.

Social Account icons can also display as part of your navigation. You can add up to four accounts. Select the name of the account first and then add your handle.

Leave the fields empty for any that you don't want to include and we'll ignore them.

Pro tip: You can add an email icon and allow site visitors to email you from your navigation. If you've got a shop website, you can also add a link to it by selecting one of the 3 shop icons.

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