In Preview, you can get a sense of how your site will look before it goes out to the world. It gives you a way to navigate through your portfolio, preview how your photos and videos look at different screen sizes, and adjust design settings.

Step 1. Go to Preview

Step 2. Browse your site (optional)

Go ahead and click around. Preview gives you a chance to see how your site looks before it is published.

Pro tip: We can't match a touch-enabled or mobile experience from a desktop exactly. So it may be worthwhile to preview your site on different devices.

Step 3. Preview your website at different sizes (optional)

You can toggle the view to get a sense of how the layout might be different between a computer, tablet, or phone.

Step 4. Adjust your Design Settings (optional)

Of course design changes are optional, but there really is so much you can do within Design Settings.

Step 5. Publish your site

Once everything is good, click or tap the Publish button. Exhibit creates a static version of your site and moves that to the webserver so that everything will be nice and fast. That also allows you to make changes to your site and then preview them again before things are available to everyone else.

Step 6. View your site

Click or tap the View My Site button and your site will open in a new browser tab.

What's next?

If you want to add more photos or collections, you can leave the Preview area by clicking or tapping on Exit.

At any point, you can come back, preview more changes, and then publish your site again.

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