Here are the details on creating a new account in Exhibit.

Step 1. Go to

Step 2. Click or tap on Try Exhibit

We'll walk you through the first few steps.

Step 3. Create your first Collection

In Exhibit, we use Collections to group images together. You can name it anything you want (it's easy to change later) and then click or tap on Create.

Step 4. Add photos

If you have photos ready, go ahead and drag them into the window. 

To get a good sense of how Exhibit works, it is definitely helpful to upload more than a photo or two. So if your own photos aren't ready, you can use our default images instead.

Either way, once you have photos uploaded you can add more or try dragging the thumbnails around to reorder them.

Click or tap on Continue to go to the next step.

Step 5. Create your account

There are two required fields to create an account.

  1. Your full name. We'll use this to default a few things for your new site, but it can all be changed later.

  2. Your email address. We use this to email and send login links. So definitely put a real email address here or you won't have any way to access your account.

When everything looks good, click or tap on the Save Account button.

Step 6. Confirm your trial account

You're all set with a 30-day trial at this point. But if you need more time to evaluate Exhibit, just let us know. When you're ready to upgrade your account, you can do so in your Account menu.

Click or tap on the Okay, I'm Cool button.

What's next?

Learn more about how to organize your photos or preview and publish your site.

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