Exhibit makes it easy to blog or set up a photo journal by adding text to your Collections.

Step 1. Go to Collections and click or tap on an existing Collection

Step 2. Click or tap on the Add button

Step 3. Select Text

Step 4. Add your content and click or tap on Done

Pro tip: You can add basic styling to the page using the Markdown format.

Step 5. Click or tap and drag the Text to move in between sets of photos (optional)

If your Text is first in order, it will display at the top of the page. But you can also move your Text in-between sets of photos and we'll automatically split up your photos into separate sections.

Pro tip: If Text comes at the top of the page, we'll automatically display the Collection title and any subtitle.

What’s Next

After you have added Text to your site, you can check the Preview to see how things look. Once you're happy with everything, Publish your site and the Collection with Text will be available for your website visitors.

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